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Siege of Zuldazar: BfA Raid Guide

Siege of Zuldazar: BfA Raid Guide

Certainly, you have heard about the newest raid that’s available today in Battle for Azeroth WoW – Siege of Zuldazar. To begin analyzing get the entire details regarding patch 8.1.0 Tides of Vengeance published on September 21.

Its original raid where the two factions will satisfy each other on the battlefields of all Zanadalar continent. This period Alliance will conquer the Horde land based on their situation while Horde will defend their land finishing their mission. Interested? Go straight to the Siege of Zuldazar guide: its map, bosses, weapons and gear we will need to be prosperous in the struggle.

The release of the new BfA raid

October 8, 2018, had been the afternoon once Siege of Zuldazar raid has been released to the gamers. The most important issue we’re considering right now is the way to get to the raid zone and also the conditions. There’s just 1 rule for this: it doesn’t make any difference if you personally in Stormwind, Dalaran, Boralus or even Orgrimma meet with Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade III. He’ll tell the way to teleport into the raid.

release of the new BfA raid

Be sure the raid is available already while testing. Also, another thing merely to remind: you have to unlock the race that you play after finishing the quest.
What should you need to resist the enemy? Blizzard showed Siege of Zuldazar armor to utilize. Assess them down beneath. Without a doubt, when you discover these you will figure out the images is remarkably realistic and every product is unique. This is Siege of Zuldazar plate armor:

  • Mace 1H;
  • Sword 1H;
  • Sword 2H;
  • Fist weapon;
  • Staff;
  • Glaive;
  • Dagger;
  • Offhand;
  • Shield;
  • Axe;
  • Wand.

And now about Siege of Zuldazar gear different races can use. The introduced items are the following:

  • Cloth/ Cloth Mystic;
  • Leather/Leather Mystic;
  • Mail/Mail Mystic.

Siege of Zuldazar Cloth

Exploring the map of the raid Siege of Zuldazar

As soon as you discovered a path to Siege of Zuldazar raid check the situation you need to follow. If you play Alliance, you’ll discover yourself in the temptations of the port that in the southern portion of the Horde continent. Jaina directs the military to the central area where the Pyramids with Hight Seat are all waiting. This time Jaina is just one of Siege of Zuldazar bosses but just for Horde Army.

The contrary military – Horde – begins by the North moving to exactly the identical place on this map. On their way, they conquer all 6 bosses in which the previous person is Jaina doesn’t matter how many opponents you may encounter utilization WoW Siege of Zuldazar equipment to win the battle.

It is evident that both armies go toward each other on the other sides of Zandalar continent they fulfill various bosses to battle. That is why Blizzard declared that both factions have another situation. The situations, however, aren’t so different as it is about bosses.

Alliance bosses:

  • Ra’wani Kanae;
  • Loa Council;
  • King Rastakhan;
  • Treasury Guardian;
  • Grong the Revenant;
  • Grimfang and Firecaller.

Alliance bosses Ra'wani Kanae

Horde Bosses:

  • Frida Ironbellows;
  • King Grong;
  • Sea Priest Blockade;
  • High Tinker Mekkatorque;
  • Flamefist and the Illuminated;
  • Assumed Jaina Encounter.

We understand nothing about most bosses except the first ones. Ra’wani Kanae and Frida Ironbellows are indistinguishable having the exact skills, the number of troops and plan for a struggle. Let us take a glance at these as you can.

Horde Bosses Frida Ironbellows

The two girls, Frida and Ra’wani, utilize sacred vitality, multiple seals and also have the capacity to cure their soldiers. Seals are an instrument to enable themselves and the troops once the amount of boss power reaches 100. She lets her troops with Wave of Light which inflicts congenital damage to all enemies and Consecration which does precisely the identical damage also lowers the damage taken out of a caster. Both of these skills help in decreasing the size of land made for conflicts. Both bosses utilize such damage spells such as Blinding Religion, a tide of celestial light, and Seals of Reckoning. Their healing skills contain Seal of Retribution in addition to Blinding Faith. Bosses additionally tank using Sacred Blade that disperse sacred electricity and supply together with all the melee attack with Sacred Blade every 2 minutes.

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