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Alliance kingdom: Kul Tiras

Review of the Alliance Kingdom: Kul Tiras Guide for BFA

The new edition of World of Warcraft – the Battle for Azeroth – that is coming very soon, brings us extremely interesting scenarios with new races and their back history, their relationships with Alliance and Horde and new zones where the battles will be set off. There are two new zones, loyal to Alliance or Horde. One of them is a continent of Kul Tiras race. They attract our attention today and we are going to give you full guide, however, consisted of the main information only, to get ready for the battles.

Major regions in BFA

Kul Tiras allied race live on the continent that is divided into 3 parts, each with its own personages, their abilities, and special features. This territory has Kul Tiras flag that denotes who is the master of the kingdom. So, Kul Tiras map looks like this.

Drustvar location

Kul tiras zone: Drustvar review

Many centuries ago this land belonged to Drust people who are known for their impressive height and weight. Once Kul Tiran people came to this land they did their best to make Drust people leave though not successfully. Some of Drust people still live on this territory but in shape of spirits who main ability and craft is magic, dark magic. Kul Tiras BFA story starts with the pact between Lady Waycrest and Drust people. The terms are evident: she gets a seat on the council of Kul Tiras leaders, Drust people bring back their land. Their witchcraft is horrible as they infuse with the creatures and their souls and make them be their devoted servants. Stepping on this land you get in an obscure and gloomy world which was known as a green region full of forests and mountains.

Tiragarde Sound place

One of the most dangerous zones in Kul Tiras WOW. It’s occupied by pirates and bandits whose main business is to rob and kill.

Kul tiras zone: tiragarde sound guide

You will find here several bases of pirates, they all are gathered by a flag of Irontide Raiders. If you haven’t known where is Kul Tiras capital city which is also the capital of Alliance now you have an answer. This is the main reason why Alliance is going to set the whole kingdom free. Katherine Proudmoore who is Jain’s mother leads the Kul Tiran humans who are pretty good at hunting the sea mosters.

Stormsong Valley

Kul Tiras zones: Stormsong Valley review

This is a land of spiritual power for Kul Tiras Warcraft. Here you will find a stronghold of the priests whose main duty has always been to give an unlimited protection to the Kul Tiras fleet. The stronghold is called the Shine of the Storm. These priests are also known as shamans and Tidesages. Water helps the shamans to clear themselves though even they are under the curse of the dark magic that dominates during these dark times.

Stormsong Valley

Races of Kul Tiras

The whole territory of Kul Tiras kingdom belongs to the native people – Kul Tiras humans. However, they are not masters on their own land anymore as it looks like a sugar-plum for those who believe they deserve it much more. The main goal for Kul Tiras race is to defeat their territory, revive their power and abilities and feel free again.

kul tiran Human wow

Kul Tiran humans are known as great fishermen who export their products (gold, grain, livestock, fish, and other goods) to other kingdoms and continents. Their land is located between Stormwind with Azeroth as a capital which is ruled by House of Wrynn and Lordaeron, another Alliance subcontinent where humans live. WOW, Kul Tiras humans are well-known for its powerful fleet. Thanks to it they have an opportunity to sale, buy goods overseas and bring them home developing own economics and social life. Being proud of their kingdom and history they feel miserable with the fact that the most territory of their once known as a prosperous land is occupied by scamps and scoundrels.

Alliance and Kul Tiras

Alliance empire has always felt protected thanked the Kul Tiras fleet whose main goal was to protect the passages for the ships everywhere between the island and the main land. It’s evident that Alliance needs Kul Tiras kingdom to be as powerful as it was before the Third War. They are going to do their best to help Kul Tiran people get back their strength and authority over their own land.



  • Konor
    October 26, 2018 at 5:52 pm

    Yep, thanks for this BfA guide. Looking forward for explore this place in Battle for Azeroth especially Drustvar . Because was waiting new patch so long. Get me luck!!!

  • Kira
    November 8, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    Finally they have used that beautiful Proudmoore music from WoD! It appears in the cutscene with Katherine and Genn.

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