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Alliance kingdom: Kul Tiras

Review of the Alliance Kingdom: Kul Tiras Guide for BFA

The new edition of World of Warcraft – the Battle for Azeroth – that is coming very soon, brings us extremely interesting scenarios with new races and their back history, their relationships with Alliance and Horde and new zones where the battles will be set off. There are two new zones, loyal to Alliance or Horde. One of them is a continent of Kul Tiras race. They attract our attention today and we are going to give you full guide, however, consisted of the main information only, to get ready for the battles.

battle for azeroth: bfa review

Fast Battle for Azeroth Guide for a new WoW Patch

If you are a devoted fan of the World of Warcraft game you could not miss a BlizzCon 2017 where the Blizzard new wow expansion was announced. They were so generous with information that till now we know some main things to put every detail of this puzzle all together and try to imagine what it’s there expecting for us in the middle of August 2018. Lets look through the new BFA patch.