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battle for azeroth: bfa review

Fast Battle for Azeroth Guide for a new WoW Patch

If you are a devoted fan of the World of Warcraft game you could not miss a BlizzCon 2017 where the Blizzard new wow expansion was announced. They were so generous with information that till now we know some main things to put every detail of this puzzle all together and try to imagine what it’s there expecting for us in the middle of August 2018. Lets look through the new BFA patch.

The battle for Azeroth expectations of the players

BFA review: battle for Azeroth new patch info

What do we expect? The higher level of action, fantastic graphics, new personages at least!  Our expectations correlate with that tine portion of the information we’ve got from Blizzard. World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth will have new expeditions, new zones for the battles, warfronts, some changes in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, new races. We expect new scenarios of acting between Alliance and Horde from one side and the new races and their leaders from another side. What do we already know about these things?

What new in Battle for Azeroth

New World of Warcraft expansion 2018 is famous with the new races which will join the Alliance or the Horde and their kingdoms.

New races Battle for Azeroth: allied races BFA

The Alliance races for a new patch

Next WoW addon gives new personages with their own background, full of blood and battles up to the moment when we meet them on the fields of Azeroth.

  • Lightforged draenei have reached their goal in the war against Legion on Argus. Now, being a part of Loy Army, they wish to join Alliance and defend Azeroth. They have own Heritage Armor and the mount which is Lightforged Felcrusher  (level 110).

allied races: Lightforged Draenei

  • Void elves are known for using dark magic and a weak resistance to its power. However, Alleria Windrunner found a way to deal with it and she decides to join the Alliance together with her husband. Unique races, classes, Heritage Armor and the mount is included and it’s called Starcursed Voidstrider (level 110).
  • Kul Tiran humans – the habitants of the new Kingdom which is in Alliance’s area the most mysterious ones. We will find out about them once the WoW Battle of Azeroth will be launched in August.
  • Dark Iron dwarf –members of Dark Iron clan in the new expansion are going to get rid of the Ragnaros power and for that they need Alliance. They use Shaman totems, have a mount Dark Iron Core Hound (level 110) and racial abilities.

The Horde races 

World of Warcraft next expansion will represent new races in the list of Horde members. Again, both armies of enemies will be in equal positions as there are also 4 races for them.

  • Mag’har Orcs have done bog job in the war against the Legion and now, being united as one, they are in need for the Horde in the new battles.  Their racial traits are: Open Skies, Savage Blood, Sympathetic Vigor and Ancestral Call.
  • Nightborne – they are elves of Suramar who makes war for their independence and own place in the world. Their racials: Cantrips, Magical Affinity, Arcane Pulse, Arcane Resistance, Ancient History.

allied races: Nightborne

  • Zandalari trolls live on Zanadalar which is a new zone in the game. We will find out more about them once the game will be available.
  • Highmountain tauren race took part in the War of the Ancients. These creatures respect the spirits of the sky, the river and earth with special racial abilities: Bull Rush, Mountaineer, Pride of Ironhorn, Waste Not, Want Not, and Rugged Tenacity.

New Kingdoms and WOW locations

Next WoW addon is known for two new kingdoms.


Kul Tiras (Alliance area) consists of three zones – Stormsong Valley, Drustvar, and Tiragarde Sound. Another one is Zandalar – the territory of ancient trolls with capital in Zulzadar. Two other zones of Zandalar are Nazmir and Vol’dun.

How to preparе for BFA in Warcraft?

To get ready for the Warcraft Azeroth the first thing you have to do it be sure your characters have reached the necessary level and the reputation. Do not forget to increase the skills – the profession of your personage. WoW BFA will provide you with the free booster of 110 level and keep in mind that this is that very level when all mounts of the new races will be available to take part in the game. Every new race has its scenarios of unlocking, do not miss a chance to learn it before the battles start. The inventories must be ready for new crafting matc, overhall items, and others.

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  • Robert
    October 26, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    What about races? So you can create a monk with 3 of the 4 allied races, but still not with Goblins nor Worgen? If the excuse is that it doesn’t fit in with the lore, then the allied races should be excluded there as well since they appear much later in the game.

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