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BfA New Raid: Crucible of Storms Guide

BfA New Raid: Crucible of Storms Guide

Undoubtedly you have already met a brand new patch 8.1.0 in Battle for Azeroth and you’re conscious of these changes in classes, heritage armor, a weapon as well as brand new zones that are available. It is time to get a raid of dimensions – Crucible of Storms. It comes after Siege of Zuldazar. Let us check what’s different about it and also everything to prepare.

Best Flying guide in Battle for Azeroth

The announcement of Battle for Azeroth revealed two new continents. But will we be able to fly in Kul Tiras and Zandalar? In Warlords of Draenor, flying was not foreseen, but the community eventually prevailed against Blizzard. In Legion, Blizzard has confirmed flying right from the start. However, it was released several patches later. And so it looks like flying in Battle for Azeroth.

zandalar view

Battle for Azeroth introduction: BfA review

Main things in BFA new WoW Patch

August, 14 is a date that is going to be a real playday for all who can’t imagine their life without World of Warcraft game. A new WoW Battle of Azeroth will represent new continents, therefore the new locations for the battles with new creatures and their armor, abilities to protect, increase the power of poison, make curses etc. Before the day comes we suggest learning about this new expansion and be all armed.