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Are add-ons allowed in BfA? can you use addons in BfA ?

If you haven’t already install addon control panel this lets you set addon profiles for specific situations like for example featuring all sorts of different addons you can save multiple profiles and then switch to the setup you like for a given situation.

Popular Wow Add-ons: background addons

  • Bad-boy Addon is an easy to use anti-spam tool that will filter out unwanted jibber jabber.
  • Auto loot plus is a lightweight addon that speeds up loot process you’ll notice it especially because most of the time you won’t even notice the loot window when picking stuff up.
  • Blizz move is another simple addon that lets you temporarily move just about any of the UI windows as you wish you can also hold down the control key and use the mouse wheel to scale the window.
  • This is different from another popular add-on called Move anything that addon lets you reset the default position of pretty much every UI element in the game which is cool but it can get a little bit messy meanwhile Blizz move is super simple and doesn’t require any additional configuration.
  • cursor trail puts a big sparkly ball on your mouse cursor and you can change the size of the ball to be as obnoxious as you like

Informational BfA addons:

    • Tip Tec is a tooltip addon that lets you move the tooltip. You can hover over other characters and quickly look up some basic information like HP values and who they’re targeting.
    • Minimap Button Bag this handy little thing takes all those little buttons surrounding your mini-map and organizes them all into a nice neat line.
    • Saved instances puts a mini-map icon on screen that lets you quickly get a snapshot of whatever raids or dungeons that you’re saved to and some relevant currencies.
    • Сoordinates is pretty obviously a display of coordinates. the coordinates are displayed there next to my zone location and on the map I can see both: the position of my character and the mouse cursor which is useful to communicate to others.
    • Аll the things is an addon that will run your life. It displays a list of everything you do not have from transmog to pets, achievements, profession, recipes, and all the things. It will continually update as you move from zone to zone, showing you what you’re missing and a few notes on how to obtain them.
  • Bagnon: is a simple and effective addon with a very useful search filter.
  • Pawn will continue to be an easy and useful identifier for what stats are good for your particular spec just be sure to update your stats periodically to avoid making mistakes.
  • Nameplate SCT: scrolling combat text addon thanks to the smaller and natural visual
    footprint it takes up.

TOP addons in BfA

BfA addons wow interface

  • Pitbull Unit Frames: it’s really old but it still gets updated so it’s all good for me it takes a bit of configuring to get the inner frames to look this certain way with the sizable bars but there’s a light can play with using this addon.
  • Deadly boss mods use for raids and dungeons. It is for everyone who’s mostly looking for basic reminders and timers DBM is a great way to get started.
    • Angry Keystone still seems to be the way to go for managing mythic. Keystone runs just like you did during Legion and this should get a mention in Battle for Azeroth.
    • – is pretty much a staple of any half-serious player interested in doing mythic plus. Whether you care for the addon or not other players will be looking at your score, anyway, so keep that in mind.
    • Dominos: this has been a reliable basic solution I have certain bars hidden until I hover over them so the UI doesn’t look any more cluttered.
  • Dynamic Cam: The way you can see the character a little bit off-center which is great for melee and tanks who can use a bit more room to see stuff there are a lot of other immersive effects.
  • Personal loot helper: in the battle for Azeroth this addon might help with your regular guild runs too. It’ll basically notify users of potential loot to be traded around and it manages how the loss should be distributed.
  • world quest tracker: making it plenty easy to map out the world-class you want to knock out.
  • handy notes will help you map out all sorts of things like rares and treasures.

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