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Battle for Azeroth introduction: BfA review

Main things in BFA new WoW Patch

August, 14 is a date that is going to be a real playday for all who can’t imagine their life without World of Warcraft game. A new WoW Battle of Azeroth will represent new continents, therefore the new locations for the battles with new creatures and their armor, abilities to protect, increase the power of poison, make curses etc. Before the day comes we suggest learning about this new expansion and be all armed.Expectations about BFA from players
Since the Blizzard new WoW expansion was announced the players started to guess what they will see in the new game. What mysteries and stories Azeroth hides? What races and creatures will appear? If there will be any new mode? As the main, the players expect improving of PvE mode and make it easier and more available for all kinds of players – with huge experience or not. Among all they expect more battles with weapon of higher quality and competitions on all levels.
The main things in Battle for Azeroth

zuldazar troll

New continents

Both enemies will spread their impact and thus, a number of fields for the battles in the new World of Warcraft expansion 2018.
Alliance continent – Kul Tiras consists of three zones: Tiragarde Sound (where the capital Boralus is), Drustvar (home of ancient Drust people) and Stormsong Valley ( the land of sea shamans, who have an ability to bless and protect the Alliance fleet).
Horde continent named Zandalar also has 3 zones: Zulzadar – the capital, Nazmir – the Blood Troll’s land, Vol’dun – where the sethrak people live.

zandalar map

8 new races for the Alliance and Horde

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth will enrich The Alliance with the new races:
· Lightforged draenei
· Kul Tiran humans
· Void elf
· Dark Iron Dwarves
The races of Horde are the following:
· Nightborne
· Mag’har orc
· Zandalar trolls
· Highmountain tauren
Every race has its racial traits, mounts, classes, Heritage Armor, historical background full of intrigues and snaky paths in the past. Do not forget about scenario for each and the way to unlock the races according to its mission.

New modes

World of Warcraft next expansion suggests us a new playing mode – the Warfronts with PvE mode for 20 players vs NPS armies, gathering resources and researching the upgrades.
As to PvP mode, there are 2 new areas at Zuldazar and Tiragarde Sound. No more distinction between the PvE and PvP modes thanks to one Toggleable PvP mode. We will get bonuses for War Mode in PvP.

New dungeons and raids

Each new continent has dungeons under the earth and raids.
Dungeons available:
· The Motherlode
· Freehold
· Tol Dagor
· The Underrot
· Waycrest Manor
· Shrine of the Storm
· Siege of Boralus
· Atal’Dazar
· Temple of Sethraliss
· Kings’ Rest

The raids

One main raid – Uldir that is led by 8 bosses. One more raid – against Queen Azshara – is covered with mystery as it will be revealed only after Warcraft Azeroth will be launched.
New creatures
New races and new characters lead to producing the new creatures where some have unique modes, are of new type or new breed or have been already seen before like Tortollan.
· Humanoids
· Undead
· Beasts
· Giants
· Elemental
· Mechanical
· Aberration

Next WoW addon levels

mummified raptor skull from kings rest battle for azeroth
The BFA offers auto booster – up to 110 level of the personage as well as raise the level cap up to 120 level.
How to preparе for BFA
Both, for the new players and for those who have gone through the previous expansions it will be useful to know the several main things. Among all others, of course. The Artifact weapon is the thing you must gain immediately if you have not done it before as when the WoW BFA will be launched you will not have a chance to do that. Level up your characters in terms of professions and necessary items which will be useful in BFA like poisons, auto-hammers, Flasks, food, goblin gliders etc. these things help to reach the higher level faster and without extra efforts.
If your character is already of 110 level then simply read the story of next WoW addon, learn the characteristics of the new races and relax. Keep in mind that BFA will give you chance to boost automatically your personage up to necessary level to start the game with a decent resource for the future expansion.

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